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Not only are his books best-sellers, but for years he was the host of "American Experience" on PBS and the voice of several Ken Burns' documentary films. If you want to answer the questions, "Which famous people are from Maine? Some are easy to find, others remote: Visiting them all would be quite an odyssey! Heather Hemmens born July 10, is an American actress, film director and film producer. Several are from families that have generations-long Maine connections.

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  • Linda Lavin.

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    Frederick M, Getty Images. Patrick Dempsey. Frederick M, Getty Images. Joe Kohen, Getty Images.
    Still he shows up in the state often. Anna Kendrick - An American actress and singer.

    Celebrities from Maine

    Staff photo by Derek Davis. Dorothea Dix - Humanitarian and social reformer. Sleep Aboard a National Historic Landmark.

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    McKusick Dec. She also posts pictures of the home and gardens, often with housekeeping or gardening tips, on her website, MarthaStewart.

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    Have fun out there! Alley has since sold her home on the island. Anna Belknap - An American actress.

    Spot the celebrities among Maine's summer people mainetoday

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    Katie Aselton. Kevin Winter, Getty Images.

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    Judd Nelson. Kevork Djansezian, Getty Images. Veronica Rowell.

    Famous People from Maine

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    Many famous people have been coming to Maine for summer vacation for years, quietly blending in. Richard S. Rachel Nichols age O'Donnell, 47, only gets eight weeks off from filming his TV show, and he turns down other projects to make sure he has time in Maine with his family. Looking for reasons to visit New England's largest and northernmost state? Joey Gamache - A retired professional boxer.

    Anna Cooke Kendrick born August 9, is an American actress and singer.

    He became known as the inventor of the microwave oven.

    Maine Famous People History and Biographies

    Born in Lebanon, ME Stephen King - An American novelist, short story writer, screenwriter, columnist, actor, television producer, and film director.

    He's said his favorite activity is sailing to other Maine islands and having a picnic lunch. Percy Spencer Dec. The Weekender Sign up Know what's happening with our weekly newsletter.

    images famous mainers