Akai aa 1020l-390

images akai aa 1020l-390

The upfront sound is precise but it's a bit scary for how upfront it is, compared to softer more Domestic sounding amps this is a bit much, but intriguing too for it. Sound is quite decent overall, Bass won't trouble you if the midrange is clean, Treble isn't bad if a little blurry, a bit soft sounding as we thought before if still quite punchy. Headphone resistor a little high perhaps. See more on the Blog Pages from July as this section is too long already. Fuse only rated 1. The SX is their 60w top of the range receiver incorporating new fully complimentary design which is early formost were still semi-complimentary. The 'Tone' lever switch always makes a slight noise as it switches between 2 stages. The preamp stage may have minor adjustments in design but basically the same X to X beyond the Mic Panning feature. An interesting amp, going for a radical new design that Yamaha took note of for their ranges. The reality is with quite a bit of taking apart it can be done.

  • Akai AA Manual AM/FM Stereo Receiver HiFi Engine
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  • Specifications. Tuning range: FM, MW, LW. Power output: 20 watts per channel into 8Ω (stereo).

    Akai AA Manual AM/FM Stereo Receiver HiFi Engine

    Frequency response: 20Hz to 20kHz. Input sensitivity: 3mV (MM)​. Specifications. Tuning range: FM, MW. Power output: 20 watts per channel into 8Ω (stereo). Frequency response: 20Hz to 20kHz. Total harmonic distortion: %​. 1. SPECIFICATIONS. An asterisk next to a figure indicates the minimum guaranteed performance. 1. AMPLIFIER SECTION (Models AA and AA-​L).
    The fresh high treble seems to be softened on known tracks which trying the IC tone stage can alter this but the fidelity is way off on this tone.

    Considering it's Double the Circutry of a Stereo amp in such a small package, many would give up as the Repair label showing it was abandoned "Too Far Gone" tells.

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    Sounding fresher than the Pioneer SX with ease, the sound is like the Yamaha without their weak preamp. To look at the Marantz which is a 15w amp, the design is quite similar if no Differential so should sound similar.

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    Bad Caps. The Phase control is synthesising 2ch into 4ch with various circuits.

    images akai aa 1020l-390
    Akai aa 1020l-390
    Betters the NAD which is a similar sort of receiver in quality.

    Akai AAL Manual Stereo Receiver HiFi Engine

    This one works, LED bulbs in by a previous owner. Additional Message. Reviews There are no reviews yet. So we get a very neglected but still sound one just needing a few parts.

    Akai AA Stereo Receiver. HI-FI Stereo. Classic Vintage.


    Compeletely revitalized. Collector's model in perfect condition. The device has been completely. Find many great new & used options and get the best deals for AKAI AA 2 Kanäle 20 Watt Empfänger at the best online prices at eBay! Free shipping for.

    images akai aa 1020l-390

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    Finding worthwhile amps that interest us instead of getting some boring post amp gets harder as less are to be found the more we get.

    This amp is getting silly over-excited reviews by sellers naturally Another Interesting Amp for sure, but as we use some amps on Speakers in rotation, this wouldn't be one we'd keep. Bass is limited by the design, slew rate will be quite slow here by the opinion so far. It can be quickly tamed if required just with the loudness slider to mellow it back so you can have a more domestic balance at on Loudness, if then it loses fidelity.

    images akai aa 1020l-390
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    Set it to 4ch Mode, ours showed Bias was originally too high.

    The manual says how to do these if to remember it's x4 as 4 channels. Of amps we've upgraded, this can upgrade a lot from original as does the Pioneer SA, the original amp we have to rate quite averagely as even if yours has better original caps, the sound is uninvolving, maybe why it's a rarer one.


    Sounds good with a fast sound that is not typical for the power. The focus on sound is improved on the dense 60s Ska tracks if still gets a bit messy. Adjustments done it gives 32v clean sine output, 72w isn't what you can expect in reality, a 48w amp can match this, so treat it as a 55ww amp in use.

    See the Akai AA above, the boards are the same Having a here at the same time as the revised opinion one, the sound ad has SX-​ RRP £, Comet £ & SX RRP £, Comet £ [], 45b[57], [52], [25], [26], 47a[], [43], 45a[79] Agnel, G.

    [] Agnihotri, R. K. 47b[10] [59] Aizer, A.A. 45b[] Aizikovich, M.A. [3] Aizpurua, J. M. P. K. 45b[84] Ajito, K. [39] Akagi, K.

    45a[], 45a[66] Akai. AP 1 21 - do o z.

    Services Manuals

    st Mount r A A LA 8 sq. b 55 3 MA IA Nat * 21 x 1 i 58 09 || | s- Is LAND of Mol oxa I K Au NAk A K A I MA UK A 35 & 7 Mou or A I 1 21 de d 1 7p || 1 7 1 - 50 • 80 - • 60 • 20 • 50 • 80 • 30 • 60 • 5 wai K.A. Pu w AI Luxu 3 20 m 56 31 33 • 30, 2, 40 - 3.
    Three Choices of Tone Roll off may impress if you'll only ever use one.

    Knowing the KR the underneath front boards will be difficult, how much needs taking apart? Ours has a typical Multivoltage block for vvvv, if later Luxman were always single voltage, the BIC one will likely be Multivoltage too. Seller showed with the Tuner lights on if they say no sound.

    Headphones on, huge loud Crackle only on the L channel. SC, Transformer coupled.

    images akai aa 1020l-390
    Gives enough volume, Stereo is wide, clean sound.

    One we'll upgrade if only by trying more as we did with the TA we'll maybe find it's limits. Damping Factor on 4ch is a very low 20, so in Bridged Mode which halves the Output Impedance, it'll be 10 which will sound good.

    images akai aa 1020l-390

    The device has been completely checked and serviced. Matched the Tannoys spot on though as the did. Build quality on thicker than usual steel making the top lid unusually heavy, gives the amp a very solid feel in use.