One of the novels that galvanized W. Somerset Maugham's reputation as a literary master The Moon and Sixpence follows the life of one Charles. ROBERT Lorin Calder, in W Somerset Maugham and the Quest for Freedom , gives the following explanation. The Times Literary Supplement. First published in , W. Somerset Maugham's “The Moon and Sixpence” is an episodic first person narrative based on the life of Paul Gaugin. At the center of.


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Compulsive and impassioned, he abandons his home, wife, and children to devote himself slavishly to painting. In a maugham the moon and sixpence studio in Paris, he fills canvas after canvas, refusing to sell or even exhibit his work.

I head to my dusty book-closet and roughly displace its contents until I find a book either by one of the barons of British literature, a W.

The Moon and Sixpence by W. Somerset Maugham - Free Ebook

The book usually serves its purpose admirably. It manages to extract me maugham the moon and sixpence my predicament by either making me split my sides laughing or by drowning me in a stream of sentences so beautifully constructed that I completely forget my insecurities and start shaking my head ponderously at the writer's virtuosity instead.

Coming to the topic of the writer himself, W.

Somerset Maugham is one of my favourite writers in the English language. Being an aspiring writer who's yet to find his voice myself, his novels never fail to stab me with a hopeful optimism. My premature belief, that I maugham the moon and sixpence write well, is reinforced when I read Maugham.

He never intimidates me or bores me, commonplace sins many writers will have to go to confession for. While reading his prose, he possesses the singular ability of making the difficult art of writing seem pretty doable.

This, I've realized with the passing of time, is due to one simple reason. It is because W. Somerset Maugham never shows off! Never does he ramble pointlessly.

Never does he merely graze the point instead of hitting it fair and square because he was too busy fooling around with the language. He hits bulls eye with eloquence and a kind of frugal, flowing lyricism. There is always a single-minded purpose behind his writings.

It is maugham the moon and sixpence spin a mighty good yarn by getting the point across without making his readers consult a dictionary.

He even propounds profundity in a manner that typically makes me re-read the paragraph and underline it to admire the economy and ease with which the thought was expressed in words.


I find the writing styles of Hemingway and Maugham similar in form, but while Hemingway's writing is austere to the point of being skeletal, Maugham clothes his words until they can be considered passably pretty.

For maugham the moon and sixpence remarkable abilities, Maugham's opinions about his own writing were always modest.

The Moon and Sixpence

He believed he stood "in the very first row of the second-raters. My vision is not so penetrating. But there is in my nature a strain of asceticism, and I have subjected my flesh each week to a more severe mortification. I have never failed to read the Literary Supplement of The Times.

It is a salutary discipline to consider the vast maugham the moon and sixpence of books that are written, the fair hopes with which their authors see them published, and the fate which awaits them.

What chance is there that any maugham the moon and sixpence will make its way among that multitude? Gauguin did work as a stockbroker, did leave his wife and family to devote his life to art, and did leave Europe for Tahiti to pursue his career; however none of this happened in the brutal way of the novel's character.


Maugham took inspiration from the published writings about Gauguin available at the time, as well as personal experience living among the artistic community in Paris inand a visit to Tahiti in [1].

Strickland is created as an extreme version of the "modern artist as 'genius'", indifferent and frequently hostile to the people around him. Writing inMaugham describes the idea for the book arising during a year that maugham the moon and sixpence spent living in Paris in I met men who maugham the moon and sixpence known him and worked with him at Pont-Aven.