Why should we save environment? 1. Global warming is a serious environmental issue. How to save environment? 1. We should save drinking. Save Your Environment Save Yourself Author: MARAL T. Level: 5. Instructor: Valentina A. Photo Credit: RF Stock Photo Article ID: [General- Winter ]. Hey mate here is your answer, Save Environment: Our Environment is an essential part of our life. A clean environment is very necessary to.


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Write an article in about words on 'Save Environment' -

For giving a better and healthy life to our article on save environment generations, we all should unite with take some pledge about prevention of our environment with less and safe use of natural resources. Article on Environment 2 words Introduction: Environment is the surrounding where a person or any other living organism lives.

This surrounding contains all the essential things that are highly needed for the existence of life on earth.


When the life began on earth, this surrounding or environment was full of nature with beautiful sceneries, fresh water, ultimate vegetation, clean and fresh air and number of resources article on save environment are found below the earth like diamond or minerals.

As the time passed away, the human being has completely destroyed the beauty of nature due to some objectionable activities.


Environment is that natural thing which is majorly essential for the existence of living organism on this earth. Even, we cannot article on save environment of life without some important natural resources that come under environment.

Fresh air, fresh water, fertile land, soil and most importantly trees are the basic need of survival on earth.

Article on Environment – short and long articles

Details about environment can be understood by following steps: Natural resources that has made environment can be divided in two categories: Biotic and Abiotic resources In category of biotic resources, those resources comes which have life like plants, human, birds and animals.

In category of abiotic resources, those resources comes which have no life like air, water, soil, land, coal, fuels, minerals, etc. Environment plays an important article on save environment for correctly operating the natural cycle on earth and a small disturbance due to some invalid article on save environment by human has created poor situation of global warming or Tsunami.

Earth is divided among four spheres theses are Hydrosphere Biosphere Atmosphere Only the category of Biosphere contains the living article on save environment on earth like plants, humans, birds or animals whereas other spheres contain those natural resources that are essential for life on earth like Hydrosphere denotes the portion of water on earth, Lithosphere denotes the land area on earth for agriculture to fulfil the demand of food for living organisms as well as to get essential resources of minerals, coals or fossil fuels.

Atmosphere is the environment of earth where air article on save environment wind flow, sunlight, weather, etc available.

Saving the Environment | The Nation

Causes of Article on save environment Environment: Several causes can be counted as the source of impurities that mixed into environment and generate various types of pollution of air, water, soil or noise etc. High demand of land, food, water, fossil fuels or fresh air directly affects the processing of natural cycle.

Due to increased population people are forced to cut down more trees article on save environment living; same as every resource is consumed at high rate due to increased population.

Spread awareness among people about saving water and other resources in order to prevent the unwanted situation of shortage of these resources.


Better use of recycling should be promoted to save our environment for a long time. In case of polluted environment lots of diseases may arise among article on save environment like heart related problems due to polluted air, major diseases among children due to polluted water like cholera, diarrhoea and many more.

Though, this whole world is contributing for saving environment but we should all do our article on save environment on individual basis for the betterment of life on earth.

Article on Environment 3 words Environment is a basic life support system which consist some living and some non living elements offering all article on save environment essential things needed for existence of life on this earth. Earth is the only planet which contains four spheres like: Our agreement alone could put the Kyoto Protocol into effect.