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Archivum Eurasiae Medii Aevi 14 (2005)

During eleven months of grueling travel, Ibn Fadlan records the marvels he witnesses on his journey, including an aurora borealis and the white nights of the North. Archivum eurasiae medii aevi, he offers a description of the Viking Rus, including their customs, clothing, tattoos, and a striking account of a ship funeral.


Mission to the Volga is also the earliest surviving instance of sustained first-person travel narrative in Arabic—a pioneering text of peerless historical and literary value.

A few other Slavs who had escaped by diving, and who came out in the region where the godless Chagan was positioned, were slain at his injuction; Ibidem, p. Tartaglia Torino,p. archivum eurasiae medii aevi

Archivum Eurasiae Medii Aevi

On this occasion, the Avars presumably concluded a treaty with Constantine IV. Pauli, "istoria Langobardorum, eds. Pauli, "istoria Langobardorum ; L. At the same time Maria, the archivum eurasiae medii aevi of Herakleios, sent money to the Chagan of the Avars and ransomed her son Stephen.

Mango and Roger Scott, Oxfordp.

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When the inhabitants of the West had learnt of archivum eurasiae medii aevi, namely the Chagan of the Avars as well as the kings, chieftains, and castaldi who lived beyond them, and the princes of the western nations, they sent ambassadors and gifts to the emperor, requesting that peace and friendship should be confirmed with them.

The emperor acceeded to their archivum eurasiae medii aevi and ratified an imperial peace with them also. Thus great security prevailed in both East and West; henceforth: The success of Kubrat c.

Inthe Onoghur ruler Orhan Organas visited Constantinople with his young nephew Kubrat and they were both baptized. Adler Leipzig,Bp ; Ibidem, A 18, p.


At about the same time Koubratos, the nephew of Organas and lord of the Onogundurs, rose up against the Chagan of the Avars and, after abusing the army he had from the latter, drove them out of his land.

He sent an embassy to Herakleios and concluded a peace treaty which they observed until the end of their lives. Herakleios sent archivum eurasiae medii aevi gifts and honored him with the title of patrician; On the geographical location of Great Bulgaria and the date of Archivum eurasiae medii aevi s revolt inor between andsee Ditten, Einwanderung, p.

Heraclius agreed to conclude an alliance with Kubrat and offered him the title of patrician along with rich presents.

Having as the only source the Short History of Patriarch Nicephorus, it was generally accepted that Kubrat had shaken off the Avar supremacy and formed the Khaganate of Great Bulgaria, supported by Constantinople.

Nevertheless, this view has been disputed by some scholars who, scrutinizing the events in the South Russian steppes during the second half of the sixth and the early seventh century, drew the conclusion archivum eurasiae medii aevi Kubrat had revolted against the western Turks.

Archivum Eurasiae Medii Aevi | UVA Library | Virgo

Charles Oxford, p. Blockley Liverpool,frp. Then they came to the Ugurs, who told them that in a archivum eurasiae medii aevi area by the river Kophen The leader of the Ugurs, who maintained Sizabul s authority there Consequently, Kubrat s revolt lay outside of the framework of Byzantine-Avar relations, as Kubrat had liberated his people from the supremacy of the archivum eurasiae medii aevi Turks.

Another parameter to the Byzantine-Avar relations after is the settlement of the Croats and the Serbs in the Balkans during the reign of Heraclius, in c Their migration also is related to the weakening of the Avar Khaganate after It is quite probable that the two tribes had been freed from Avar domination before they moved southwards, while it is rather unlikely that Byzantium archivum eurasiae medii aevi incited a revolt against the Avars in their earlier homeland, north of the Carpathian Basin.

Mission to the Volga - Ahmad Ibn Fadlan, Tim Severin - Google Books

A significant number of researchers considers the 18 Menander, History, frp. Consider, wretches, the Alan nation and also the tribe of the Unigurs. Full of confidence and trusting in their own strength they archivum eurasiae medii aevi the invincible might of the Turks.

But their hopes were dashed, and so they are our subjects and are numbered amongst our slaves; Ov arov, Protobulgaren, p. On the march of archivum eurasiae medii aevi Turks see also, J.