Of Aminadab, Jean-Paul Sartre reports that Blanchot claimed not to have read Kafka when he wrote the novel; but of course Sartre doesn't fall for this ruse and. Maurice Blanchot was a French writer, philosopher, and literary theorist. His work had a strong . Thomas l'Obscur, (Thomas the Obscure); Aminadab, ; L'Arrêt de mort, (Death Sentence); Le Très-Haut, (The Most High). Blanchot (b. ) is a mordant intellectual akin to the late Thomas Bernhard, Beckett, and Kafka, whose increasingly spare fictions (Awaiting.


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Another perspective might see Thomas aminadab blanchot the human animal wandering through life from birth to death. For me as I read, the connections I made were those of the seeker on his spiritual aminadab blanchot.

Aminadab - Maurice Blanchot - Google Libros

Thomas enters with no real idea what he aminadab blanchot, no reason to be there, but nothing compelling him to leave.

Aminadab blanchot people he encounters offer different mythical interpretations of everything from the game room to the upper floors to the domestic staff in fact, I kept waiting, during the long passage about the staff, to hear someone declare "The staff works in strange and mysterious ways!

Meanwhile, waiting at the end in from of a doorway to the underworld stands the imposing figure of Aminadab, who never actually makes an appearance in the book but whose name, according to Fort, is the Hebrew word for "my people are generous.

It pulls the mind one way then slaps it from behind. Aminadab blanchot distracts the eyes while the ears are tickled with a feather.

Aminadab by Maurice Blanchot

This book boldly shows a French Kafka posing in the American sunlight. While the novel sometimes gets bogged down its disjointed mapping and obscure meditations that go on for pages at a time, it nonetheless reads well and is worth the effort required to make sense of it.

Aminadab blanchot has its moments of brilliance and its moments aminadab blanchot blah, but all are thought-provoking.

You may have to order it, either through a local indie store, chain, or at the Amazon.

Maurice Blanchot

Still, consider it worth the inconvenience. Aminadab is a book to read aminadab blanchot than once, and always with an open mind.

It was his sole public appearance after the war. Yet for fifty years he remained a consistent champion of modern literature and its tradition in French letters.

During the later years of his aminadab blanchot, he repeatedly wrote against the intellectual attraction to fascism, and notably against Heidegger 's aminadab blanchot silence over the Holocaust.


Blanchot aminadab blanchot more than thirty works of fiction, literary criticism, and philosophy. Up to the s, he worked continually in his writing to break the barriers between what are generally perceived as different "genres" or "tendencies", and much of his later work moves freely between narration and philosophical investigation.

This work inspired The Inoperative Community[7] Jean-Luc Nancy 's attempt to approach community in a aminadab blanchot, non-utilitarian and un-political exegesis.

Ace Boggess reviews AMINADAB by Maurice Blanchot

Work[ edit ] Blanchot's work is not a coherent, all-encompassing 'theory', since it is a work founded on paradox and impossibility. The thread running through all his writing is the constant engagement with the 'question of literature', aminadab blanchot simultaneous enactment aminadab blanchot interrogation of the profoundly strange experience of writing.

For Blanchot, 'literature begins at the moment when literature becomes a question' Literature and the Right to Death. The word 'flower' means flower that refers to flowers in the world. No doubt it is possible to read literature in this way, but literature is more than this everyday use of language.

For in literature 'flower' does not just mean flower aminadab blanchot many things, and it can only do so because the word is independent from what it signifies.


This independence, which is passed over in the everyday use of language, is the negativity at the heart of language. The word means aminadab blanchot because it negates the physical reality of the thing.

Only in this way can the idea arise.